The Blue Nib

The Blue Nib Magazine: A Highly successful fortnightly Ezine and a vibrant platform for the international poetry community.

The magazine, launched in June 2017 and in its first fifteen weeks recorded over 40,000 unique visitors to the site, that equates to 40,000 new readers. Editor, Shirley Bell is always happy to receive your poetry, articles, opinion piece and features

The magazine accepts submissions of between 3-5 pieces of poetry

Send your work to [email protected]

or submit online at 

Blue Nib Publishing is an independent imprint dedicated to publishing the work of emerging authors of poetry, short fiction and literary fiction both online and in print. Our aim is to bring  new voices to a larger audience.

We are open to unsolicited submission. Authors wishing to work with us should send their completed manuscripts to [email protected] Only outstanding work of quality will be considered by our editors.

Competitive Publishing contests are a regular feature of both The Blue Nib magazine and The Blue Nib publishing imprint. We believe new and emerging writers deserve an audience. Our current chapbook contest, which is running on the magazine is accepting entries until 31st of October and is open to all subscribed members. Subscription details can be found below.