Issue 41 of The Blue Nib

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The Blue Nib Issue 41

Featured Authors & Poets
Poetry In Translation
Short Fiction
Reviews curated by Emma Lee

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Abhaile With Tracy Gaughan

New and established voices in poetry from Ireland and the United Kingdom

2 poems by Stuart Flynn

Stuart Flynn'sdebut poetry pamphlet was published in 2001 by the British literary journal Acumen.

3 poems by David Slater

David Slater leads a poetry group in Newcastle upon Tyne. He completed an MA in creative writing at Northumbria University.

A poem by Suria Tei

Suria Tei obtained a Ph.D. in creative writing from the University of Glasgow.

3 poems by Chrissie Gittins

Chrissie Gittins' third poetry collection Sharp Hills came out from Indigo Dreams in 2019. Her short story collection Between Here and Knitwear (Unthank Books) was shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards.

North American Time with Felicia McCarthy

Established and emerging poets from the United States and Canada. 

Shagbark Hickories by Joan Colby

Joan Colby’s Selected Poems received the 2013 FutureCycle Prize and Ribcage was awarded the 2015 Kithara Book Prize

Poetry by Marguerite L. Harrold

Marguerite L. Harrold's work can be found in The Chicago Review: The Black Arts Movement in Chicago Special Issue, VINYL Poetry, The Matador Review and elsewhere

Poetry by Amy Gordon

Amy Gordon’s first chapbook of poems, Deep Fahrenheit, was released by Prolific Press in 2019.

3 poems by Chelsea Logan

Chelsea Logan is a freelance writer living in Nashville, TN. Her editorial work has appeared in The Tennessean and her poetry is widely published

An Astráil With Denise O'Hagan

publishing established and new voices from Australia and New Zealand. 

2 poems by Julie Manning

Julie Manning’s work was shortlisted in the Peter Porter Poetry Prize (2020) and longlisted in the VC International Poetry Prize (2019).

Abuction, a poem by Angela Costi

Angela Costi has published four collections of poetry including Honey and Salt (Five Islands Press, 2007) and Lost in Mid-Verse (Owl Publishing, 2014). 

2 Poems by Andrew Leggett

Andrew Leggett is the current prose editor for StylusLit, his poetry collections Dark Husk of Beauty (2006) and Old Time Religion and Other Poems (1998) were published by Interactive Press.

Poetry by Jacqui Malins

Jacqui Malins is a poet, performer, and co-founder of Mother Tongue Multilingual Poetry events (Canberra). (Photo credit Zach Polis)

Talking heads

Our editors speak to our Featured Writers and Poets about their work, inspiration, success and failure. 

Translation Po-Int with Clara Burghelea

New international poetry and poetry in translation

Poetry by Alexandre Ferrere

Alexandre Ferrere’s essays, fiction, interviews and poems appeared in dozens of magazines. His first chapbook, mono/stitches will be published by Ethel in 2020.

Poetry by Rodica Draghincescu, Translated from the Romanian by Diana Manole

Diana Manole translates the work of important European poet Rodica Draghincescu

3 Poems by Zoe Karathanasi

Zoe Karathanasi’s poetry appeared or is forthcoming in Ink Sweat and Tears, The Interpreter's House, Tears in the Fence and others.

Traian T Cosovei, translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Andreea Iulia Scridon.

Andreea Iulia Scridon and Adam J. Sorkin bring us a translation of Greva căpșunelor by Romanian poet Traian T. Coșovei

The Write Life With Clare Morris

Writers writing for writers. 

Notes from the allotment

Dominic Fisher takes us to his allotment once more and finds Allen Ginsburg among the poppies.

We Have Each Other

Felicia McCarthy reflects on the awful events surrounding George Floyd's death in Minnesota and the consequences for us all.

America Is Burning

Andrew Sano considers how we should respond to the George Floyd's death and its violent aftermath.

Finding Your Muse

Eugen Bacon suggests ways of tackling your fear of the blank page.

Seanchaí with Dave Kavanagh

Established and new story tellers worthy of the title Seanchaí

The Critcal Nib with Emma Lee

Reviews of the latest releases in poetry and literary fiction

‘Zoospeak’ Gordon Meade with Jo-Anne McArthur – Reviewed by James Fountain

Overall, the book feels as though it has been hurriedly constructed. Though its basic premise is admirable, the form utilised throughout does not demand the attention it should.

Emma Lee’s review of Rishi Dastidar’s ‘Saffron Jack’

‘Saffron Jack’  By Rishi Dastidar Nine Arches Press  ISBN...

‘Satyress’ by Audrey Molloy – reviewed

‘Satyress’ is obviously in favour of trying, of striving for a life and not losing yourself in everyday routines and definitions that rely on a relationship to another

‘Staring at a Hoopoe’ David Cooke, reviewed.

Cooke’s collection has precise starting and ending points in the first and last poems that delineate the map of his journey.

Winner of The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 2020. ‘The Tradition’ by Jericho Brown – Reviewed

‘Jericho Brown's 'The Tradition' explores legacy, racism, queerness, trauma and where personal concerns intersect with historical legacies

The Ink Pods with Angela Dye and Mike Ivatt

The Blue Nib branded podcast of poetry and literary fiction

Siobhan Potter reading her own work

Transcript ...I inhabit mucus and pus

Beth Spencer reads her own work, ‘Long weekend at the Gertrude Abbot’

Beth Spencer’s writing has been produced for ABC Radio and she is a contributor to Climactic and ArtBreaker podcasts.

Kevin Heslop reads ‘The Body Artist’

Kevin Heslop is a poet and actor from London, Ontario. He is the author of con/tig/u/us (Blasted Tree, 2018)

Stephen House reads his own, ‘driftwood mountain’

Stephen House reads 'driftwood mountain' from his chapbook chapbook, real and unreal, by ICOE Press.

Belinda Rimmer reads her own, ‘Brittle’.

Belinda Rimmer was joint winner of the Indigo-First Pamphlet Competition, 2018, with her pamphlet, 'Touching Sharks in Monaco.'

Deborah Cook -Roadkill read by Sadie Davidson

Deborah Cook spent a thirty-year career as a scriptwriter for radio and television, writing for The Archers, Eastenders, Emmerdale, Casualty, House of Elliott...

Anne Casey reads her own work, ‘if i were to tell you’

Anne Casey is author of two poetry collections— out of emptied cups (Salmon Poetry 2019) and where the lost things go (Salmon Poetry 2017).

John McCullough – Flock of Paper Birds

John's latest collection, 'Reckless Paper Birds' is published by Penned in the Margins in 2019 and was shortlisted for The Costa Book Awards.

Black Ice by Derville Quigley

"Having been brought up on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic I was made aware that there were others who were different – I just didn’t know why.”