‘I am strategizing on the direction to throw my cast net to,’ I told the fishermen, each time they asked why I sat idle under the tree by the riverbank, while others were busy catching fish. 

They would smile without a word and walk away.

One day, one of the fishermen walked up to me and said, ‘Why do you sit here all day doing nothing when the river is full of fish? What exactly are you waiting for?’ 

‘Don’t bother me, I’m strategizing,’ I defended.

‘How long will you continue to strategize? Why don’t you get up, pick your net, and go catch some fish?’ 

‘You mean I should not decide on the direction to throw my net?’ I asked.

‘No one asked you not to strategize. But you see, the river is full of fish, and those fish swim to different directions all the time. Now it is your job to make sure you trace them, so you can catch them. That’s the strategy you need.’ 

‘Wow! I’ve been sitting idle, thinking I was right. Thank you, fisherman,’ I said.

‘One last thing,’ he said. ‘Don’t ever think that opportunities wait for you.’ 

And he left.

Right then, I picked my cast net, and ran along to join the others that had already caught enough fish, but were still fishing. I realised how much time I’d wasted, thinking opportunities would wait for me. 

Well they didn’t.

flash fiction by Isioma Jemimah Okonicha

Isioma Jemimah Okonicha is a creative writer from Nigeria. Her works include fictional stories, motivational, and poetry. Some of her works are published in magazines, journals, anthologies. She has a blog named Dovelyisi. She teaches creative writing on YouTube. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Check some of her books online.



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