A Man Tries To Get Back In. Poetry by Warren Paul Glover


I mean what I say. Look!
Hand on heart. 
Am I not a man of integrity?
Do I not have a kindly face?

Have I not been your friend for all these years?

We’ve only just met?
Well, of course I was speaking metaphorically.
It does seem like we’ve known each other a long time.

Does it not to you?

No? Oh.
Well, to the matter in hand.
If you’ll just lend me a hundred bucks 
I’ll pay you back, soon as. 



The man fumbled with his keys
dropping them
and cursing as they broke the silence of the hall.

A picture hung at an angle on the wall,
its face staring down at the man
in disapproval.

The man bent down, and felt his back go
The man yelled out, his cries echoing down the long corridor.

His neighbour, a woman,
came to her door
to see what all the fuss was about.

“I thought your wife had thrown you out!”

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