Signing-up or Switching.

Signing up or switching subscriptions is simple. If switching between paid subscriptions it is best done when your existing subscription is close to its renewal date. To signup or switch subscriptions follow the procedure outlines below. 

  • Select the subscription you wish to switch to or sign up for. If it is a paid subscription you will be asked to pay through PayPal
  • If you are switching subscriptions, once you have paid for your new subscription you should navigate to your subscriptions account and under the subscriptions tab you will see both the subscription you have just purchased and your previous subscription.
  • Cancel the subscription you no longer require.
  • The system is automated, however we advise you to check you PayPal account to insure your old subscription is cancelled. If you have any difficulties please email us at [email protected] and we will assist you. 
  • If you are signing up for a new subscription then once you have completed the procedure you should go to your My Subscriptions tab and check under ‘Account Details’ to ensure your details and your password are correct.

Select the subscription you want to switch to and sign-up

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