Two poems by Jules Leigh Koch



from the twisted
mesh of branches

you stay loyal
to your tree –
drawing out

departure until
the last moments
of spring

scrotum shaped
with skin the texture
of hessian

your husk
is hosting
a pair of Siamese twins

while down the middle
your enclosure is welded

I break open
your rugged
earthy shell

with a rock



I walk along the darkest horizon line
between belief
                        and disbelief

through air colder than
                                         an open freezer

follow needle pricks for stars

wait endlessly in hospital corridors

while each moment slices
through the muscle of words
I can no longer find

before re-entering a room full of hope
                                                                   and fear

where I sit
for hours
with only the pulse of the monitor screen
to keep me awake

and mark time
by the nurses’
changing shifts

until finally

breaks off
                  its ice-shelf

and drips intravenously
through my subconscious

About the contributor

Jules Leigh Koch
Jules Leigh Koch is an award-winning Adelaide poet and author of five poetry collections. He has been a recipient of two South Australian Literature grants (2008 and 2011). He was a guest reader at Adelaide Writers’ Festival in March (2017) and a judge for the John Bray Festival Awards (2017 and 2019).

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