Two Poems by David Butler


Sentry-like they stand, robust

as any Five-Year-Plan, a battery

of wind-turbines – vanguard of

our new Fomorians blindly over-

seeing the dull roll of drumlins,

each clutch of hills bunched up like

skinflints’ fists forever hoarding

the marl’s diminishing returns

soured by conifer, lakes turned

chill and acid, no sound but

soughing through Sitka spruce

under the slow rotation of arms.

Between the pen and execution

the shadow falls.




Pre-dawn.  Bray Station’s

screech and shunt. Morning

is a wet nose and snuffle,

four paws flopping to the floor

for the first excursion. Outside

the street is a neon stage-set –

the first slow train unspooling

its show-reel across a bridge

in a series of stills, the sitters

sleep-stunned and solitary

as anything from Hopper,

to a sound-track of rattling iambs:

the track, the train; the track, the train;

the pulse of a city waking.

About the contributor

David Butler
David Butler’s debut poetry collection was Via Crucis (Doghouse 2011), while Doire Press published a second collection, All the Barbaric Glass, in 2017. Doire Press are to bring out his third collection, Liffey Sequence, next year. Awards for poetry include the Féile Filíochta, Brendan Kennelly, Ted McNulty, Maria Edgeworth, Baileborough, Poetry Ireland/Trocaire and Phizfest prizes.

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