The Teapot: Yame Tea Leaves. Poetry by Tonno Bisaccio


Cherry Blossoms take
Their eyes: picked, we carry
Our mountain’s flavors,

Horizons, morning
Mists, rich soil, clean-clear change,
Three by three, we carry,

Gently plucked, carried,
Three only, three green glistened
Scents through hand and bag,

Steam and dried, oceans
Crossed, summer boys, and carry
Still through falling leaves,

Weekend parades,
Gold and silver falling snow,
Cupped, we carry

Then, green spring carried,
Even cherry re-blossoms
Blended into white-

Green water, taking
Only now, timeless, carry
Through their lips, our flavor.  

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Tonno Bisaccio’s work appears in Alimentum

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