The Write Life with Clare Morris

Thanks for the Memories

Maggie Sawkins and Margaret Kiernan share poignant memories from their childhood.

‘Ezekiel’ by Eugene Yakubu

The village was gloomy when I got there. Its hand to its cheeks. Last time I was here my grandfather Bobai Lambaya was being buried. Now my brother.

‘Hit me with your rhythm stick’ by Dominic Fisher

Poetry may or may not be a branch of music but you have to admit it’s got a drum kit

‘Crayons and Beans’ by Melissa St Pierre

Melissa St Pierre concludes her heart-warming trilogy of weddings, dresses and sisterhood.

‘Cool Glass of Water’ by Kim Ports Parsons

In this moving tribute, Kim Ports Parsons recalls precious times spent with her mother and the joy of the words they shared

‘Hamsa’ by Jessica Gould

The pair of golden eyes that greeted them upon peering inside belonged to an intrepid buff-colored grey-footed kitten.

‘Park Mills’ by Jeremy Nathan Marks

I would roll down the windows and listen to crickets, locusts, and frogs. I would watch the sun go down and forget who I was.

‘Tell Them All I’m Doing Fine’ by Kieran Devaney

If you were young, Irish and broke, you told friends going home for Christmas, ‘I’m working for Big John. Tell them all I’m doing fine.’

‘Owl Call’ by Sophia Kouidou Giles and Karina Ioannidou

This is an ‘excursion’ from a world of isolation, where the wanderer craves connection.

‘Byways of a Green and Pleasant Character’ by Nigel Jarrett

...there are worse literary sins than using seven words when four will do.

‘The Nitty Gritty’ by Mike Smith

...we don’t learn the vehemence of words from our dictionaries, but from the contexts in which we encounter them.

‘A Yoke and a Gift: Life without a Mother Tongue’ by Anita Patel

After six decades of a love affair with words in both my languages, it’s time to confess that I have never actually had a mother tongue.

‘Clichés’ by Laura Grace Weldon

It's lazy writing, I tell him. As an editor I excise clichés with a fierce pen. (Although we editors no longer edit with pens.)