The Winners of The Write Life Easter Egg Hunt


Lord Byron called it cheap medicine; William Thackeray thought it brought sunshine into the house; Mark Twain declared that nothing could withstand its assault.  What were they all talking about? Laughter, of course – and that’s just what we tried to create over the Easter Weekend with our Easter Egg Hunt.  All sorts of eggs featured in our articles; some in plain sight, some hidden, some looking like very strange typos. I am very grateful to our three Write Life contributors for entering into the fun of the occasion by allowing their articles to be well and truly “egged”:  thank you Dominic Fisher, Edith Robson and Mike Smith.  Thank you also to all our readers who joined in the fun and to the Kavanagh family for providing us with such a splendid first prize.

Congratulation to Edward Aldous who won the first prize, a Downton Hamper with a bottle of vino tinto for good measure – cheers, Edward!

Edward sent us a delightful selfie with his prize (and Bunny), enjoying the wonderful weather, with the Teign estuary, looking towards Hay Tor on Dartmoor, providing the gorgeous backdrop.

Edward Aldous

Second prize, a £20 Amazon Gift Voucher went to Carla Scarano D’Antonio.  Congratulations Carla!

Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Third Prize, Issue 41 of the Blue Nib, went to Maggie Mackay. On hearing the news she commented “So chuffed to win a prize and a copy of #41 is the best!” Nice of you to say so, Maggie!

Maggie Mackay

Thanks again to everyone for joining in the fun.


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