‘The Use of Fear’ by Hilary Sideris

The Use of Fear

after Temple Grandin

Wise handlers scare

cows just enough to make

them move in single file

but not panic – they’ve seen

the havoc fleeing cattle

wreak – anticipate & thwart

the drive to form a churning

knot around the boss.

They know the sadness

of the weak who don’t lie

down, but mill & pace

at the herd’s edge.

About the contributor

Hilary Sideris's poems have appeared in The American Journal of Poetry, Arts & Letters, Barrow Street, The Cortland Review, Connecticut Review, Fourteen Hills, Green Mountains Review, Gulf Coast, Poet Lore, Poetry Daily, Rhino, Quiddity, Salamander, The Southern Poetry Review, Southampton Review, Sugar House Review, and Tar River Poetry, among others.

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