The Second Annual Paterson Poetry Festival

Paterson Poetry Festival 5th October 2019

Paterson Poetry Festival

Paterson, NJ is, purposely, on the brink of a renaissance.  The city, founded in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton, is the first planned industrial city in the USA and the second most densely populated city in the country second to her neighbor New York City.

Hamilton envisioned a city that harnessed the power of the Great Falls which is now a National Park. 

Under the leadership of mayor Andre Sayegh the city is now harnessing the power of artists to create change. 

Talena Lachelle Queen

As part of this program, and with the help of artists, is the Paterson Poetry Festival . The festival, now in its second year was designed by Paterson’s first poet laureate, Talena Lachelle Queen.

Queen exudes a pride in Paterson, and suggested that for a large part of that time when her life took her away from it, she “had a desire to be home.”

Though her trips to her hometown were frequent, being away gave her an opportunity to experience life from a different perspective. Her immediate impact on her local community now that she’s back has been powerful. Not only has she earned the position of Poet Laureate, but she has been noted for her efforts to bring a love of literature and reading to her home town. Through her leadership in the Little Free Library project, access to books is now available to residents at 12 different city parks.

Queen created the Paterson Poetry Festival with 2018 being its first year. 2019 promises to be bigger again. The festival is scheduled for October 5, and has an impressive lineup of featured poets from around the state. Included among them is our own Mike Griffith, Blue Nib Poetry Editor for the US and Canada. Other poets include, Jeanne Heuving, Rashad Wright and many more. A full list of events which include, a poetry slam, open mic, workshops, master classes, vendors, free food, panel discussion, and, of course, featured poets can be found on the website,

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