The end is nigh and parting is indeed such sweet sorrow

Dear Friends

As our regular readers will be aware, the Blue Nib, despite publishing outstanding content both on our daily columns and in our quarterly issues, has been under financial strain for some time now. 

We lost our original and only sponsor due to Covid. We did approach the Arts Council in Ireland in the hope of receiving some small amount of funding; in fact, we approached them twice but, to date, we have not received a reply. If that is because we are not of the right shape, shade, denomination or affiliation, then we remain unapologetic. 

For the last year I have subsidised the magazine from personal funds because I believe that a strong platform for emerging writers is essential. Unfortunately, as a full-time carer for a foster daughter with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, I have now reached the limit of my resources and can no longer keep the magazine afloat. For the moment, we have no choice but to close shop; however, we will continue searching for ways to fund The Blue Nib and if we are lucky enough to find a new sponsor or if we can raise funding by any other means, then we will return.

Thank you all

We have all been through a horrendous year and so I will not add any further to the doom and gloom, rather I would like to celebrate the work that our wonderful writers have contributed to us over the past five years both for print and on the digital platform. 

It has been a real treat to read all of your poems, articles and short stories and I will miss that tremendously. 

It has been an honour to introduce you to new writers and indeed it has been the most massive personal thrill to see talented new writers who were first published on The Nib, go on to excel and become award winners. It was always my aim, to encourage, publish and promote those who I believe deserved to be read and I am happy to have contributed in some small way to highlighting new writing.

To those who supported us over the last 5 years as contributors, subscribers, contest judges, editors (past and present) and those who cheered for us from the sidelines, I say a heartfelt thank you, you are all truly appreciated. 

I want to acknowledge the sterling work of past editors including Shirley Bell, Michael Griffith, Seanín Hughes and Eugene Bacon. 

I also want to pay massive tribute to our current editors who have worked tirelessly and for no reward: Denise O’Hagan, Tracy Gaughan, Felicia McCarthy and Clara Burghelea have been superb in their respective roles and between them have lifted the magazine to heights I never envisioned.

Lydia Renfro has only been with us for one issue but her keen eye and her love of literature have shone through as can be seen in the work selected for issue 44. 

Emma Lee has worked tirelessly in her role as reviews editor, always cognisant of what writers needed, always willing to go the extra mile for them, even if that meant reading an entire book and producing a review in 24 hours. Emma has alway been both kind and unerring in her assessment of a manuscript. Working with her over the past years has been an honour. 

Lastly, I want to say thank you to Clare Morris. Clare has been the most enthusiastic supporter of The Blue Nib since its inception. She has been a contributor, an editor, a tower of strength and a wonderful friend and we love her dearly. Clare has never been capable of saying no, and so we have leaned on her, yet she has alway remained cool, calm, collected and incredibly sweet. 

Thank you to all of you also, the Nib would not have been what it was without you. For those who have paid subscriptions, please be assured they will all be cancelled with immediate effect. We will leave the website live for as long as we can afford to do so. I hope people will continue to read all of the wonderful content which is now freely available. It is my greatest wish that we will be able to return, so for now I will say, farewell and keep reading and writing.

Is mise, le meas

Dave Kavanagh 

Managing Editor

The Blue Nib. 

About the contributor

Dave Kavanagh
Dave Kavanagh has edited the Blue Nib since 2015 and has loved every single moment of it. He has a novel due out in May 2020 and has two more currently in the works.

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