The Blue Nib Chapbook 2

Anne Walsh Donnelly, Akshya Pawasker & Bobby Sparrow

Showcasing the talent of Anne Walsh Donnelly, Akshya Pawasker & Bobby Sparrow prize-winners of our second Chapbook Contest, The Winter/Spring Chapbook Contest, 2017/18, judged by renowned Irish poet, Kevin Higgins. This little book was exceptionally well received, reaching the number two position in the UK Chapbook Chart.

What the reviewers said

The Blue Nib is my favourite source for new poetry!

I can’t say well enough how very impressed I am with the writing of first-place winner Anne Walsh Donnelly who gives voice to her native Ireland like many of the great Irish masters. Donnelly’s is a rising star to follow.
Second-place winner is Dr. Akshya Pawasker who offers us a distinctly feminine perspective in her pieces. This in no way is meant to imply male readers won’t “get” or enjoy her works. Instead it is to say the acute male reader will gain a greater insight to the female perspective after reading Dr. Pawasker’s poetry.
Bobbie Sparrow rounds out this fine book with her offering, which take us down a different path with each poem. Biblical themes, psychological examinations, historical themes, and rustic ones highlight Sparrow’s writing here.
The Blue Nib is my favourite source for new poetry on the ‘net and chapbooks like this show very well that this imprint is making good headway in the small press world.


By Anne Walsh Donnelly
By Akshya Pawasker
By Bobby Sparrow