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Faults and Fixes

Poet, and writer, Mike Smith explores why it is important to take the reader with you, when editing work.

A Poor Imitation: “American Dirt” and Misrepresentations of Mexico

The novel has already received rave reviews from literary voices in the English-speaking world, from Rumaan Alam to Don Winslow. John Grisham described it as “rich in authenticity,” while Stephen King called it “an important voice in the discussion about immigration.” Following an aggressive bidding process, according to Publishers Weekly, Cummins received a seven-figure advance for it.

Emma Lee Reviews ‘Wolf Planet’ by Oz Hardwick

Emma Lee reviews Oz Hardwick's 'Wolf Planet'.

Must read

Staying Up All Night by Kevin Kling

Author, storyteller and Minnesota resident, Kevin Kling reflects on the recent events that have shattered his community.

Hounded by Phillip Hall

Poet Phillip Hall charts the progress of his depression and explains how his partner's gifts have proved his salvation.

Writing Our Way Through Lockdown by Alison Jones

Writer and teacher, Alison Jones explores the impact the lockdown has had on her teaching team, and explains why teachers should always be regarded as writers.

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