To Profess Love. Sven Kretzschmar


Gone, the red brick
pavement on Grafton Street – 

Yet, the sombre corners
around Four Courts still
in place. 

English ghosts behind the red
brick facades edge off as a modern
haste takes over.

There is still that seedy elegance
MacNeice was writing,
scoffing and sneering about.

The Liffey brown and grey
and the sky’s the latter too –
too often.

Days are not soft to forget – 
tough enough to remember the bullets
in Clonee, the Liberties, Drumcondra,

vermin pushed through side lanes
to the precinct. Still there is time
for thought – 

by trade and by free will,
and I stroll around with a smile
on my lips to find

her heritage remains. Georgian
Dublin still stands still –
red brick upon brick.

If you like Sven Kretzschmar’s work then read Cathy Bryant

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