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Submit to The Ink Pods

How to Submit to The Ink Pods

We suggest you listen to at least one of the podcasts to familiarise yourself with the kind of work we accept and how we would like it presented.

Instructions on how to complete the form.

1. Send an MP3 recording. Please leave  at least two seconds silence at the beginning and end. Ensure it is clear and sounds good, with your poem/prose title and name clearly recorded on it.

Get The Best Results when recording

2. Label MP3 file with initial, surname  and poem title.

3.Please send 3 sentences-
This is essential as we use it to create the introduction to your work.

One about you.

One on your latest book, project or forthcoming project.

One about the poem, prose or story you are submitting , it’s inspiration, your motivation, and where it is previously published, if applicable. 

4. Please send a printed transcript of your work, with your name and poetry title at the top of the work.


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