The Blue Nib

We are now reading poetry for issue 37. Due out 15th March 2019

Do it right 


From here you can submit poetry for inclusion on site and in print on the Blue Nib. We look for submission of no more than five poems with all work included on one form. It would help our editors greatly if you would take the time to format your work as follows. 
Please capitalise poem titles. We like work to be in Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and single spaced. (See how to single space poems below) 

Submit Poetry

The Blue Nib is built on WordPress which doesn’t always format poems as we would like them so please pay attention to how your work looks.

To single space your poems in our WP editor, instead of hitting ENTER at the end of a line, use SHIFT+ENTER.

We also ask you to upload your poems as an original document, this allows our editors to ensure your work is formatted as you intended both on site and in the print magazine.

Once you have submitted you will be taken to a second form to submit an authors biography and a good quality photo.

It takes some time for our poetry editor to read all submissions, if you want to check the status of your submission, use the navigation tab at the top of every page on site. Your poems will either be marked as LIVE which means it is published or AWAITING APPROVAL which means the work is still in our pending file. If your work is rejected it will disappear from your submission list entirely.

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