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The Blue Nib is accepting submissions to the print magazine and the website. We have some guidelines that we ask you to follow.

General Guideline:

  • Author bios should be no more than 100 words. Read Writing your author bio here
  • Author Images should be .png or .jpeg preferable cropped square and of good quality
  • Written files should be Pdf or Word, Times New Roman, 12pt and single spaced. Read Stop Making Your Editor’s Life Miserable for tips on formatting.
  • Sound file should be mp3, mp4 or m4a

If your files don’t match those that our system can handle, a quick google search will take you to any number of free sites that will convert your files.


  • Submit between 3 and 5 poems.
  • All work must be your own.
  • Poems in excess of 40 lines tend to lose the reader’s attention, so we are unlikely to publish them.
  • Upload your entire submission as one document.
  • Capitalise and bold your Titles and insert page breaks between poems. Use ‘single quotes’ (not “double”) and italics for emphasis (not CAPS). Use a single space after full points. (not double.  )
  • Poetry that has appeared on personal blogs and peer review sites is acceptable but we are not keen on work that has been published elsewhere.
  • If your work is accepted by another publisher, please email to let us know.
  • We do our best to follow your layout, but occasionally the reproduction of line breaks and indents may not be exact.

This Blog Post by our Reviews Editor, Emma Lee, offers some great advice for poets on how NOT to submit, not only to The Blue Nib, but any potential publisher.
How Not to Submit Poems

Submit poetry here

Submitting Fiction & Non-fiction

  • Submissions of fiction and non-fiction between 750 and 3000 words..
  • Each submission to contain a single piece, but we accept multiple submissions.
  • Our call is for strong literary fiction and essays that are well structured and address a single subject.

Submit short literary fiction to our Fiction Editor Here
Submit articles, essays and other non-fiction to our Online Editor Here

Submitting Reviews

We welcome book reviews for inclusion in our print issue or online. If you are unsure about what we accept, please email our reviews editor, Emma Lee at
Do not email reviews direct as they will not be accepted.
When submitting reviews, include an image of the book’s front cover. Please note that images must be of good quality and high resolution.

  • Include the price of the book you are reviewing and links to where it can be purchased.
  • Include a good quality cover image. 
  • List the publisher and the ISBN of the book.

If you have a published a book and you would like Emma to consider it for review, contact her by email. Submit reviews to our Reviews Editor Here.

Submitting to The Ink Pods.

We suggest you listen to at least one of the podcasts to familiarise yourself with the kind of work we accept and how we would like it presented.

Instructions on how to complete the form.
1. Send an MP3 recording. Please leave  at least two seconds silence at the beginning and end. Ensure it is clear and sounds good, with your poem/prose title and name clearly recorded on it.

Get The Best Results when recording

2. Label MP3 file with initial, surname  and poem title.
3.Please send 3 sentences-
This is essential as we use it to create the introduction to your work.
One about you.
One on your latest book, project or forthcoming project.
One about the poem, prose or story you are submitting , it’s inspiration, your motivation, and where it is previously published, if applicable.
4. Please send a printed transcript of your work, with your name and poetry title at the top of the work.

Submit to The Ink Pods here

Reading Periods

Submit poetry, fiction or non-fiction and reviews during our open reading periods as follows.

October 16th to December 1st, for publication in Winter Issue, January 15th or later issues.

January 16th to March 1st, for publication in our Spring Issue, April 15th, or later issues.

April 16th to June 1st, for publication in our Summer Issue, July 15th, or later issues.

July 16th to September 1st, for publication in our Autumn Issue, October 15th, or later issues.