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Submission Guidelines

This section deals with submitting to the magazine and the website. For information on submitting full length works to The Blue Nib imprint please go to: Submitting to Blue Nib Publishing  

Some General Notes on Submission to the magazine and website.    

Please read and make yourself familiar with all of our guidelines regarding submissions to the Blue Nib. The Magazine accepts submissions of exceptional poetry, fiction, essays, and general interest pieces for publication in either our print issues or on our website. It should be noted that you must be registered on the site to submit. (See why here)

Use the navigation to the right of this page to post. We will accept submissions by email at [email protected] but we are happier if they come directly through the easy to use site links. We like work to to be formatted in Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and single spaced. 

Any work posted is subject to strict editorial approval, however we do read everything and where possible we respond even if the work received is not quite right for us. 

Submitting reviews

We accept book reviews at any time for inclusion in either or print issue or online. 

When submitting reviews please include images where appropriate, prices of the book you are reviewing and links to where it can be purchased. When you submit a review you will be taken to a second form where you will be asked to submit an author bio and photograph. We prefer good quality author photos that have been cropped square. 

Submitting Poetry 

Our preference is for submission of between 3 and 5 pieces. All work must be the poet’s own. We like free verse but we will consider any form, we are not fans of quirky format because it causes us a tech headache reproducing them exactly in print and on web browsers, however we will consider it if the work is good enough and if the poet accepts that the reproduction may not be exact. We are ok with work that has appeared on personal blogs and peer review sites but are not keen on recent work that has been published elsewhere so if your work is accepted by another publisher then please withdraw it. 

As we take submissions on line, we will accept work at any time, however our reading periods for work close on the first of the month in which an issue appears. See reading periods below. When submitting multiple pieces of poetry please Paste Or Type The Entire on a single submissions form, make sure to indicate clearly by use caps,  a line or a row of stars where one piece ends and another begins. When your poetry submission goes through you will be taken to a form to submit an author photo and a short biography, we prefer good quality photos that are cropped to a square format. 

Submitting Fiction & Essays

 Our preference is for pieces of no less than 750 words and no more than 3000 words, however we will accept longer or shorter pieces if they are exceptional. We like each submission to contain a single piece but we will accept multiple submissions. Our preference is for strong literary fiction and essays that are well structured and address a single subject. As we take submission online, we will accept new work at any time, however our reading periods for work ends on the month in which the issue appears. See reading period below. When your submission goes through you will be taken to a form to submit an author photo and a short biography, we prefer good quality photos that are cropped to a square format. 

Submitting Articles

The Blue Nib is happy to receive articles and posts from members on any subject relevant to our target interests. Articles can be reports on writing events, interviews with poets or authors, pieces on the craft of writing, movie or theatre reviews or any other subject relevant to the arts. If submitting an article be sure to include photos if relevant and to complete the follow on form for author photo and biography.

We also accept, and are happy to include news article for inclusion on the website. Any news stories pertinent to the arts or literature are welcome. We are happy to publish notification of events, new publications by members, contests hosted on other platforms. We are also happy to highlight news from other journals including submission calls for contests hosted by others. We particularly like to hear your good news stories, so if your work has been published in national papers or any other widely circulated media then please let us know by posting using the Submit News tab on the navigation to the right.

Reading Periods.

We accept submission at any time but our reading periods are as follows.

September 16th to December 1st, for publication in Winter Issue, December 15th.

December 16th to March 1st, for publication in our Spring Issue, March 15th.

March 16th to June 1st, for publication in our Summer Issue, June 15th.

June 16th to to September 1st, for publication in our Autumn Issue, September 15th.

Submissions of news and current articles which feature on the website are accepted at any time and are published weekly online. If you have any questions about submissions, please address them to [email protected]

For information on submission of full length works of either poetry or fiction to The Blue Nib imprint, please see, Submitting to Blue Nib Publishing


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