Siri Says Turn Right in 200 Metres. Stevie Quick


Siri says turn right in 200 metres.
Just that; go right.
But in those 200 steps
people walked,
moving to find food and water
shooing cattle to market
carrying children, carrying cares.
Siri says take the B332.
Just that; not the road to Adlestrop or Little Gidding.
But either side of the B332
are contours, soft hills I would explore
and landscapes I would travel through
wandering in lines not yet drawn.
Siri says go from A to B.-
The fastest way; the straightest way
But I look at the patterns on the map
of lives and places and
I swim in the wash of colours
going instead from A to Z
and all letters in between.
Siri says; you say
Why waste the time
We leave: We arrive.
But I see landscapes on a sheet:
And I would explore your contours,
get lost with you,
draw new lines on a map with you
adding our footsteps
to where we turn right in 200 steps.
Siri says turn right in 200 metres.

Stevie Quick has performed at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival

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