Siobhan Potter reading her own work

Siobhan Potter is an artist and emerging writer whose practice documents experience. Published: Minecraft.Inside Out and Pendemic Journals. 2020: selected for #IrelandPerforms and White House Poets anthology. Siobhan founded ‘not the time to be silent’ an online community and weekly Arts response to social distancing.


…I inhabit mucus and pus

   so that when I laugh, I mean it 

I inhabit the wretchedness of birth in order to love the parasite, until it is self supporting

I inhabit memory to not forget and to not do it again

I inhabit hate and mistrust, so that you can experience it

I inhabit lust and eat from it

I inhabit love, for you to have your heart broken and thrive 

I inhabit exactitude because knives need to be kept sharp

I inhabit sloth and the mammal in me rests

I inhabit animus, that is the primary relationship

I inhabit light completely, so that all that is seen is its darkness

depending on your perspective—so move

I inhabit shame when I tire of my right size

I inhabit silence to hear my self

I inhabit god

I inhabit wolf, and lone-ness

It’s as lonely as herd-ness 

I method write, inhabiting a poem

‘til it’s had its way, then move on

I move on

I inhabit words until I know what they are saying and 

can hear what you are not saying

I drink happiness by the neck until drunk, then drink more

I sneak out when it’s sleeping 

I can come back— if I leave

I’ll inhabit shit for you when you won’t  

I will digest it and give it back, in edible form

I inhabit good enough

I inhabit Mother…

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