I Went Up Through The Trees. Simon Read


I went up through the trees
Those trees over there
The ones with clouds above them
The world
Had frightened me so much 
I didn’t dare to stay

Moving through life
With limitations 
A ruined oak
A blasted heath
Inside my mind
Light came suddenly from my head
And I remembered
That thoughts are merely thoughts
And do not need to be
Acted upon

And now that I have validated
The assumption
Of rational thinkers
That the universe does not care
To step around a man
In trouble
A measured response 
Would be to come back down through the trees

May I


Have you read 
The poetry of Richard Charmer Barley-Heart
It’s empty 
Beyond reason
And seething with everything
You can think of
But even so
The wonder of poems
By Richard Charmer Barley-Heart
Is that they are
Do you don’t you

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