Shamim de Brún reads her own work- On Top of Them

Shamim de Brún studied acting as an undergraduate and is also studying journalism for her MA. Shamim is currently working on Unprotected Texts, a play. She is the fifth generation of her family to live in Dublin. Shamim also writes poetry.


On Top Of Them

It’s happening in my sleep. 
Yes, I was sleeping.  
Sleeping sound and still
and quiet.  
Till the 
creep- creep- creep  
sneak- sneak- sneak  
into a  
Shouldn’t. Wouldn’t. Didn’t.
Did it? 
Yes, I was asleep.  
And there was green all around me. 
I was wrapped in Green when 
creep-creep-creep unseen in dark with curtains closed, and I think I was 6 years old?  
And no! I didn’t see anything but the dark-
dark- dark. But the timing of my heart- heart  and the smart part of me staying still until…Ugh… 
and creep… creep… creep…  
I couldn’t get back to sleep.  
The next night?  
Wash, rinse, repeat,  
Is that it?  
The truth of memory 
am I remembering the nightmares it gave to me?  
It’s all fuzz-fuzz-fuzzy 
because I thought he loved me.  
He should have. 
Or did I think he’d kill me? 
Am I just being-  
Do you think that maybe I will 
kill me? 
Willingly relinquish this life to just be free of my inability to  sleep-sleep- sleep.  
in Green or at Home
or with Curtains or
Do you think I’ll ever
Like normal people
in beds  
not on top of them? 

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