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Self Publishing
Indie Author Spotlight:
Orna Ross 

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Indie author Orna Ross inspired a self-publishing movement, but before that she spent 20 years working as a freelancer. Her work has appeared in The Irish Times, the University College Dublin, and many other journalism outlets. After publishing two novels with Penguin Ireland, Orna Ross began her journey as an independent self publishing author. 

She found success: hitting the best seller list on Kobo and Apple, climbing the charts on Amazon. Taken from her view as an indie author, she states, “I’m a proud indie author. Self-publishing has been the best move of my writing life, creatively and commercially.”

What is Self-Publishing and How Does it Help Writers Become Indie Authors?

When an individual becomes an author using self-funds—without any outside help, it is considered self-publishing. Through self-publishing, companies like Amazon and Kobo offer an easy step-by-step process.

  • Sign up
  • Input user information
  • Input payment information
  • Add book cover (Some authors use free covers, others pay a graphic designer to create one.)
  • Book set up process 
  • Add genre, categories, and blurb
  • Agreement of terms
  • Finish/publish

Little to no experience is required to self-publish, but it is always a good idea for the indie author to research, hire an editor and beta readers before publishing. 

How Orna Ross Supports Indie Authors 

In 2012, Orna Ross created the Alliance of Independent Authors.  ALLi is a nonprofit professional association that provides guidance to writers, before and during their time as an indie author. On ALLi’s website, writers can select from four types of memberships that best suits their need. 

The Associate Membership is for anyone who intends to self-publish. The Author Membership is for anyone who has published a children’s book, a novel with at least 50,000 words or—a collection of shorter books. 

The Professional Membership is available to anyone whose main source of income comes from writing. To be eligible for the Partner membership, the writer would have to be an author, offering services. The Alliance of Independent Authors screen each service offered before they decide whether it will be promoted on the website. 

Members receive exclusive benefits: entry to private forums, self-publishing—legal and television guides, indie author campaigns, evaluated services directory, etc.  

For seven years, The Alliance of Independent Authors has been a trusted source.

Orna Ross and the Creativist Club 

The indie author believes that creative people can turn their passion into business opportunities. 

She states: “I believe business can be as creative as poetry when approached with a creative mindset. That’s what I practice each day alongside the authors and other creative entrepreneurs I work with: digital enterprises built around personal passion, mission and sense of purpose.”

Driven by the need to help others succeed, she launched the Creative Club, an online learning and supportive community for creative entrepreneurs. Creative Club members have access to online and live workshops. Forums, where entrepreneurs use to network, and access to a studio where members are supervised by a mentor.

In addition to her success as an award-wining and bestselling author and poet, Orna Ross has a BA in Literature. A Masters in Women’s Studies (1997) from University College Dublin. The Bookseller has named her “one of the 100 most influential people in publishing.” She remains an advocate for self-publishing, and is still active in the writing community.


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