Sarah L Dixon reads, For the Dark Days.

Sarah L Dixon lives in Linthwaite. Adding wax patterns to Wednesday was released by Three Drops Press in 2018. Her first book, The sky is cracked, was released by Half Moon Press in 2017. Sarah’s inspiration comes from being in and by water and adventures with her son, Frank.


For the dark days

I take the darkest shade of a January sky.
Yes, that one in the North corner by the gas-works
and place it in a box. 
It squats, heavy and square. 

I lift the mist 
from the shingle,
lay this over the cube of sky.

I gather tendrils of hill rain 
washing their busy path to waterways 
and I put these in the left hand shadow, 
they unravel and slouch their way across the base. 

I fold fog the way my Mum taught me
and slide it down the side of the block,
gather up sturdy loops of greyed marram.
I cup my hands and scoop slate-coloured ice from The Colne
and lay it in the grass. Goose-feathers float in too. 

I wait, for these greys to hatch, 
To bud, to sprout, to call. 
Until they invest the landscape 
With the scrabble of mustard yellow chicks.
This grey ice will feed the valley 
with a hundred shades of green
once this place West of Huddersfield 
swims in summer again. 

A turned corner will bathe my mind 
in the surprise 
of the first bluebells. 

If it doesn’t get light today, 
think of this ice
the grass, the mist, 
the feathers, the rain, the fog
and the way they nestle 
in this box 
that promises colour. 

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