Sarah Jane Justice 2 Poems


we will strike while the iron is hot


we will raise our fists, filled with the blazing red

of copper that has steamed scars into our hands

refusing to let thickened skin be broken


we will strike with the metal thrust against us

building marching orders out of prescribed instructions

we will take arms out of the rage in tediously pressed sleeves

and reject clean, rigid shapes, held by wire frames

we will unpick the threads we have been made to stitch

across our own opening eyelids


we will strike iron through irony


rip away creases, once removed from linen

that have re-appeared on our dirt-smeared brows

our spirits pressed with fabric

that we might one day burn


we will strike while the iron is hot


we will capture sparks from fiery metal

and brand them into the holes in our eyes

we will use the flames of stubborn strength

to singe striding steps aimed on top of our rising shoulders

we will fight against the thud of shoes we have mended

refusing to be trodden, again, into dirt


we will strike while the iron is hot



we spoke only in semaphore subtext


cloth colours waving wild

drawing the shapes of sentiment

that we could never speak out loud


we thrust flags in each other’s faces

left them to dot our far-off hills

pretending we couldn’t read them

when they spelled out the true distance between us


I wish your words had been painted in red

I might have seen the paint between your outlines

I might have learned I wasn’t colour-blind


my words fell beneath black ink

covering my bone-white cries


when cold sweat stripped their coating

pale surrender laced my final flag

the words my voice could never reach

About the contributor

Sarah Jane Justice started developing her creative skills from a young age. Her formative years saw her studying piano, voice, saxophone and theatre, but her greatest passion was always in creative writing. Before finishing primary school, she had already begun pouring her heart and soul into poetry and storytelling, a devotion that has continued to this day.

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