We are currently looking for volunteers

The Blue Nib is expanding and we are looking to build our team. Before you get excited, the work is mostly on a voluntary basis. The Magazine and Press run as a not for profit and all money received through subscriptions and sales of book, magazines and merchandise is used to fund the magazine and provide prize money for contests. 

That aside, if you have experience in Sales, marketing, event organisation, circulation, editorial, software development or web design and you have a few hours a week that you can offer us then we would be delighted to hear from you. We are particularly looking for people in Ireland, Uk, America, Canada, New Zealand & Australia but no matter where you are from, if you think you have something to offer our growing magazine then please do get in touch with Dave at  [email protected]

Where we need help.

Experience in software/web developmentThe magazine and website have ambitions to launch a web application in the near future, we are looking for someone with the expertise to assist us with that, and with the ongoing development of the website.

Experience in social media marketingThe Blue Nib runs a Facebook page to promote the work of our contributors. We are not currently visible on other social platforms. We are looking for an individual with some experience who can leverage our limited budget to get maximum exposure for the magazine and its writers.

Roving reportersAre you active on the poetry or writing scene in your area? if so we would love to hear from you. We are keen to bring our readers news and reviews from local and international poetry and writing communities. 

Circulation ManagerThis is a key role and requires an individual, or individuals who can help us to manage the growth of the Blue Nib’s circulation. With the majority of funds received by the Nib going directly back into the magazine and web platforms we are looking to maximise our efficiency and return for expenditure. This role does not involve stuffing magazines into envelopes but it does involve data entry and liaison with our print partners. 

WritersWe are ideally looking for practiced or aspiring writers who are experienced with the poetry, literature, arts scene and have the time and the talent to deliver feature articles, reviews, and news for both the website and the print magazine. 

EditorsWe are happy to hear from anyone who have experience as an editor, the current roles are for a fiction editor with a strong focus on literary fiction, we would particularly welcome an individual who is well connected and can grow our list of contributors further. We also have roles for editors of news, essay and features.

What we can offer

What we can offer to those willing to become part of our team? Plenty of work, support, some laughs and the satisfaction of working within a tight team. We can not offer money other than some legitimate expenses occasionally. We do not offer free subscription because even our editor-in-chief pays for that. So if you feel you may fit into our team and you can offer a few hours per week then contact Dave [email protected]


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