The Blue Nib

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Having a book published through a small independent press can amount to little if it does not perform in the overcrowded and under-subscribed marketplace. 

Our intention is to focus you on the task of marketing your book and making some money from your craft. The Blue Nib will list your book on our site which is currently receiving 1000+ unique visitors a day. We will also pitch your book to our small but growing list of stores and retailers but we can not overestimate the importance of your own direct involvement in the marketing and promotion of your work. 

The Blue Nib is a not for profit press and all monies earned are reinvested in publishing emerging writers, promotion of our writers’ work and the platform itself. We do not offer royalties on sales below our breakeven point (Aprox 250 copies sold at list price) And in most cases a first poetry/short story collect will not achieve this.

However we do supply ‘at cost’ copies of your book to you and you should view these as your best opportunity to earn money from your work.

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