Polly Richardson ( Munnelly)




I want to drink it, move

clockwise around moon
I want to pack it up- take it with me drape as if scarf
ribbon it, a bow -1st place,
nurse it as mother to new-born
and swaddle
within symphony of cow major
in the key of pigeon coo

and lean to
string quartet hum, their buzz

the foundation the cement

I want to walk into blue, brush mountain tops acrobat waltzing air

while prima- donna flutters silent wings bursting change

dotting whites softly sing
eyes don’t stop inhaling, wrestle blinks to pause

frame glitter skies slicing ebony
as she colours in dusk for tomorrow’s dream of summer rain.


Crack la la

Removing shoes in cello shadow,
fingering holes running tip to find release
inward curse till exhale, undone,
Eyes turn up, catch cloud, hold.
Remember mist on mornings sleeping was watched? Each breath counted as colour by numbers
on my face seeped to veins,
you swim,
I walk two steps, feet always drum beat
Into shadow leaving,
Outline ribs to hip still sits- there.
I want to gorge you
Lay under conversations with constellations mapping you No monologs
Other voices
Just be, licking honey.
When night calls, spoon, maybe eggs on Sunday.

Dawn Shine

Blackbird peck meticulously
I lay my skin, stretch it,
beckon the heat
Surrender my bones to the hawk eyeing, The drought slowly rejuvenated Blackbird peck

I dance with cloud, contorting as they do Moving eastoverwest

bow to all pretty hooves to the edge of abundance blue

J’adore J’adore This Everest stands beneath

tonight, curl in indigo twitch dawn- shine whisker dew droplet,

pluck fibres within


Knife the wind, sail, come touch fingers Build a tree a house, grace your eyes Crimson leaves clap high.
Take a pebble, ripple waves lapping
Sow needle, bare thread- the sides of my face Plant a seed, roots to sun – inter lock

Sapling earthed, paling green Harvest – yellow moon,
Lay a bed, blanket translucent Nurse to breast, sacrifice Draw seeping curtains

Wings fan, faithfully flutter – absolution Open window, let in stars
And bow
Bleed the cloud.



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