Poety by Gábor Gy Gyukics


The bloody carcass

of the dead dog

that missed the fox

was raided by army of ants

they carried to storage

every morsel

in extended order

the poacher

didn’t touch the carcass

he trampled on 

the anthill

can’t accuse a woodcock to be incogitant

when the weaver ants started moving 

they did so 

because something made them move

then a blue jay was affected by them and started flying 

that effected a burrowing owl and 

other animals got moving also

human animals too 

were all doing their idiotic

and occasional

pleasant actions

for every cause has its effect

shift positions to ease the dying of bees 

to ease the river running

the wind blowing 

the trees answering to it

by dropping their seeds 

to get into the spiral

of circles enduring

About the contributor

Gábor Gy Gyukics is a Budapest born poet, translator, author of 11 books of poetry in five languages, 1 book of prose and 16 books of translations including A Transparent Lion, selected poetry of Attila József and Swimming in the Ground: Contemporary Hungarian Poetry in English and an anthology of North American Indigenous poets in Hungarian.

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