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Poetry, Fiction and Reviews

The new Blue Nib team are delighted to launch issue 38 of the magazine with over 200 pages of poetry, fiction and reviews from both well established and emerging writers. We are particularly excited to launch The Blue Nib Chapbook 4 featuring the work of our the winners selected by guest judge, Helen Mort. We also announce the pending arrival of Anne Walsh Donnelly’s short story collection. Read more inside.

Poetry, Fiction and Reviews

Poetry, Fiction and Reviews

The Demise of the Undertaker’s wife

From Anne Walsh Donnelly

Poetry, Fiction and Reviews

Due September 2019

Poetry, Fiction and Reviews In the current issue


Blight- New Fiction by Edward Lee

My hands are wet. I washed them before I left the house but didn’t dry them, the towel in the …


Exciting new collection by poet Dominic Fisher

Dominic Fisher’s debut collection from The Blue Nib:
The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dead
Dominic Fisher
Blue Nib Publishing
ISBN   978-1-9993655-2-3
Dominic Fisher is from …


Poets and Writers

New Poetry- Arathy Asok

The farmers held
Dead rats in their mouths,
Wearing green loin clothes
Hiding what is left of their pride.
They sit in the capital …


Review of The Narrow Way of Souls

Review of Eileen Sheehan’s The Narrow Way of Souls (poetry)
Reviewer: Colin O’Sullivan
In this her third volume of poems, The Narrow …

Over 200 pages of Poetry, Fiction and Reviews

Insta-poetry, is this art?

the jury is still out

In her editorial of issue 37, Shirley Bell weighed in and shared her view of the so-called Instapoets. Shirley opened her piece by quoting Rebecca Watts, who wrote an article in the February 2018 PN Review asking the question: 

“Why is the poetry world pretending that poetry is not an art form? I refer to the rise of a cohort of young female poets who are currently being lauded by the poetic establishment for their ‘honesty’ and ‘accessibility’—buzzwords for the open denigration of intellectual engagement and rejection of craft that characterises their work.”

Then, Shirley made the point that to write good poetry, the poet must engage with the craft and its techniques, and though she did admit to understanding the consolation in reading this work compared to, what she called, more challenging poetry. She maintained that in this Insta-poetry, the reader would lose the joy of finding the less obvious pleasures of entering a poem. Shirley’s editorial raised a few eyebrows. Many believe vehemently that there is value in art of any form. And though we at the Blue Nib come down on the side of the traditional, are we right? 

The two articles represent opposing views and make for an interesting juxtaposition, not least because the respective authors present arguments that we might see as contrary to their perceived demographic.

In her article, Ada Wofford does not malign her generation, but in comparing the work of the Instapoets to hip-hop lyrics which she cites as having poetic merit, she is less than complimentary of the former. While in his article, Adrian Salmon defends the Insta-poets and takes exception to Shirley’s editorial, and questions the role of the gatekeeper.

And so, the argument rumbles on—have your say in the poll and comments section below.

Who do you think makes the most convincing argument?

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Vent your spleen, tell us how you really feel in the comments below.

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Poetry, Fiction and Reviews

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Full of Ears and Eyes am I by Lauren Suchenski -Reviewed by Micheal A. Griffith

Full of Ears and Eyes am I
by Lauren Suchenski
Finishing Line Press
Price: $14.99 US
ISBN-10: 1635342430 
ISBN-13: 978-1635342437

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