Poetry by Robert Feldman

before this, there was nothing more than this


the tide shifts

no matter the wind

devoid of purpose

abandoning the surface

nothing more than earth

nothing less than sea

here the earth crawls on

content, no matter the era,

content, no matter the residents,

nothing more than sand

nothing more than her constant breath

there is nothing greater than this,

nothing more precious than life’s pulse,

no matter the daylight

no matter the moonlight,

the tide shifts,

the earth crawls on

her breath speaking of hope

summoning her residents:

“before this, there was nothing more than this”

About the contributor

Inspired by iconic members of his hometown Paterson’s literary tradition, most notably Allen/Louis Ginsberg and William Carlos Williams, Robert Feldman helped found the Bisbee Poets Collective and facilitated the annual Bisbee Poetry Festival while residing in southern Arizona. Robert continues to write/publish/present his work (including “Hineni”, 2018; “Sunflowers, Sutras, Wheatfields and other ArtPoems”, 2019), make fire paintings, & play tabla.

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