Poetry by Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas is a father and poet living in Plymouth, UK, with poems and haiku published internationally. Richard's most recent book, titled 'Zygote Poems', from which this submitted poem isn't taken, traces the journey into new fatherhood and can be found at 'The Poet Makes the Most of a Bad Situation' is the poet's way of taking the haggard emotions he has been left with after a bad experience and transforming them the only way he knows how: through the form of a poem.


The Poet Makes the Most of a Bad Situation

The skin is skun,    
the heart halved like a melon,
and the bone bowed in each direction,

to get to the beauty
buried beneath the bogus-ity of it all,
but it is there, it is there,
and he knows to work hard to get it.

It’ll be a swollen grapefruit
sat squat in his hands,
overly bitter at first taste
but throbbing and ripe with juices
and lingual opportunity,

and most vitally of all, 
it will be a warm pink:
plenty and ever so bright enough 
to nourish a lively lot of poems.

First published in INK.

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