Poetry by Peter O’Neill

Peter O’Neill is the author of six collections of poetry, the latest: Sker ( Lapwing, 2016), and The Muse is a Dominatrix ( mgv2>publishing, 2016). He’s also published a volume of translations The Enemy – Transversions from Charles Baudelaire ( Lapwing, 2015), and work of prose fiction More Micks than Dicks – a hybrid Beckettian novella in 3 genres (Famous Seamus, 2017).


The mesmerism of bottles and taps,

their totemic appearance out of the obscure

confines of the snug sanctuary of the Saloon.

All pubs need a symbol, this one’s was a plane.

The Viscount an old two propeller,

summoning up images of post-war flight.

The majesty of peaceful new horizons Blitz free!

Polished silver trophies rested solidly

beside the black and white photographs

of the teams of men in long shorts.

No postmodernism here, thank you very much.

Nor, any other concessions to the abyss outside.

Instead, what we had presented was a form of Irish-

Cartesian order and method, fused with absolute craic

delivered by Beckettian dialogues in varying degrees of inebriation.

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