Poetry by Mycah Miller

Silence as a Curtain Call

i was her once before / the girl that sits against a wall and reads a used paperback in the sun /  downtown and probably waiting on something / a man stood over me / asked what i was reading / if i was her again i would ask him / if he thought a book to my nose meant / i, the girl, was wanton for stranger’s conversation / how often i am reminded my silence is a public action / men are the directors of marring gentle memories / they remind me how i am an empty theater / a book is kind, but it is no friend / it has no voice to chase away / no mouth to snarl / sometimes, it is only a place to be drawn out

About the contributor

Mycah Miller is a Santa Cruz, CA-based poet, artist, motorcyclist, and student. She currently attends SJSU as an English major. Her work has been featured in shows and publications nationwide such as Vagabond City Lit, the Berkeley Slam, West Trade Review, and more. Find her work @MycahMillerArt.

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