Poetry by Mike Ekunno

Mike Ekunno’s poetry has appeared in over two-dozen journals and anthologies including: Nzuri Journal, Bridge Eight, The First Line, Crack the Spine, The Hamilton Stone Review, Gambling the Aisle, Warscapes, bioStories, BRICKrhetoric, The Transnational, Rigorous, and other places.


Here comes Covid-week

A monochromatic mishmash

With Monday

No different than Sunday

And Tuesday

No different than Saturday

A week of identical septuplets

Birthed by a viral mother

With each day a chore

Endured like okro soup’s languid draw

When eaten with TV’s terrible staple

Monday’s sartorial corporate

Giving way to homebound sartorial indifference

Tired Tuesday tagging on tattered tails 

Wednesday glides anonymously past

Full of midweek blues

As does Thursday

Cold water poured on Friday’s elation

With Saturday’s fiesta a suspended animation

And Sunday on living room couches 

Instead of church pews

With the couch’s depression

Straining to rise

Like dough with insufficient baking powder.


Like pregnancy

visiting labour room 

and returning un-discharged,

dusk arrives

with dawn’s energies


On Translation Po-Int

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3 Poems by Zoe Karathanasi
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Diana Manole is winner of the 2020 Very Small Verse Contest of the League of Canadian Poets and of second prize in the 2017/18 John Dryden Translation Competition

Editor of Translation Po-Int, Clara Burghelea selects poetry in translation and exceptional poetry from established and emerging international voices : Submit to Clara.


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