Poetry by Iago Crybin

Babilim’s Gate

Her winter blue
imbrues the Panama red
birthing a foggy and ruddied purple haze

as the gaslight glows
a smoky mushroom white
of fuming and tremulous lights
casting shadowy breaches
through the bone-like bars
of Babilim’s gate.

Pass through, pass through,

let us muse among the gods
hiding deep within the copse
of brambling barbs,
inspirited specters
born of mountain poppy dreams
and thundering nights.

as we lie among the gorse,
awake and see the ages-old immuring artifices,
bony fingers chained to hope and lies
sarcophagi fading into a light
growing crystalline and sure

like iced and hardened luminance singing in the waters
washing us clean of childish things. 

Black Spring

This morning my garden mirror finds
tiny ruddy tipped tumor-like green knobs,

another year’s apples unsheathed and exposed
springing from the aging and gnarled tree

still clutching the bouquet of birth-flowers,
now brown, wilted, and sucked dry;

whispering to me the liturgies of earth
and soils and worms

hard-pounding against my ear’s door,
tired and cracked,

singing from the tips of orchard branches
requiems kneeling downward like my Winter
dirges that lie ahead

like this Spring’s cleansing
of the viral man on earth

innocently, the babies portend
a ripening, a Fall with crisp and sweet
patio-shared harvests

after the cold Summer days
of planting flesh

so, I sanctify myself
to the daily growths gorgings
charting the swellings and losses

following religiously
the weekly regimen of biocides

spraying shoes,
stores shelves, and caskets

and this year,
I reshape the everyday
stolen communions

to bag my prescient fruits
with silk woven masks

warding off the stinging barbs
invading ripened skins
and lurching lungs. 

flash fiction by Iago Crybin

Iago Crybin is a retired Environmental Biologist.  His poem Babilim’s Gate received an Honorable Mention Award in the 2020 Winter Park Paint Out International Poetry Competition (2020).  His poetry and short stories have been published in Poetic Velocity (2019), and The Blue Nib (2020).

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