Poetry from the pen behind behind Atlantean Publishing


Angry return home
Classic misunderstanding
Parents shout and scream
Weren’t lit’rally meant to sit
Squash their children into paste


I’m British around the Americans
American around the Brits
Neither one nor the other
My entire life is in bits


The website described the style as ‘shabby chic’
And, he knew he wasn’t just being crabby
When he stayed there for a week
And, found no chic, only lots of shabby!



Not just meaning size
But depravity as well
A galactic crime


Ghosts of Spiders Past

Do the ghosts of spiders past
Return to haunt arachnophobes
Overeager to use slipper or boot
Or rolled up newspaper or lifestyle magazine?
Do the bedraggled forms of spiders
Return from plugholes where they were washed away
By inconsiderate humans
Unwilling to offer a towel-ladder lifeline?
And, what about those spiders
Popular lore states we swallow in our sleep
Do they return to haunt sleeping faces
When the lights are turned off?


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