Poetry by Brenda Proudfoot

Brenda Proudfoot is a Lake Macquarie-based writer of short fiction and poetry, and a former English teacher. She was a finalist in the Joanne Burns Microlit Award (2019), and two of her stories are shortlisted for the Microflix Writers Award (2020). Her poem ‘48º C’ is included in upcoming poetry anthology Messages from the Embers (Black Quill Press, 2020)


Down at the Sports Club by dawn,

they hang and spin on halyards, 

free-fall like surrender flags.

Morning’s spent in the parks,

a gang of avian ghetto-blasters,

headbang and forage for seed.

Crops full, couples canoodle on power

lines, rest in roosting trees

Late afternoon, they skim the lake

fly in formation, a flotilla of hang

gliders heading for shore.

There, they congregate, defying

the lockdown, muscle each other 

as they drink from dog bowls

at bubblers beside the path.

At dusk, dare-devils twirl on

whirly birds, hang from palm fronds,

strip wires, tear leaves off trees.

Pairs of punks on bare branches,

bloodshot eyes hyped on adrenalin,

tripped on their misspent days.

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