Poetry by Anne Elvey


He puts away the pocket watch 

of a meeting interrupted off-the-cuff

he thinks. My pitch is an emoji sent

after Lentil As Anything diverts us

both from picking petals out of daisies 

above a creek. Swift skid on 

banked grass. Weeds effervesce 

humour at my bafflement, adjusting 

my mind to here. I retreat to write. A 

buttonhole needs mending. When 

I bumble into an op shop, a white-

bearded man tells me he likes to wave 

at Vline trains. He sets his clock 

for them. Through my cabin door

I see a water dragon, climbing an

embankment, while the ceiling 

gives me vertigo. That work I

held. That work of lift. That work 

approaching cloud. Aspiration tugs

toward ground. I am craving congruity. 

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Poetry by Anne Elvey

Anne Elvey lives on Boon Wurrung Country in Seaford, Victoria. Her poetry publications include On arrivals of breath (2019) and White on White (2018). Anne is managing editor of Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics. She holds honorary appointments at Monash University and University of Divinity, Melbourne.

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