Half a Mask

CDC says wear a mask
The President never wears one
How do I wear
half a mask?

The Pharmacist behind his mask
doubles the dosage
How do I make
half a prayer?

+100,000 families mourning
rally golf speech
How do we
half survive?


You know you’re a Latinx writer

having convinced yourself you are the

offspring of Cuāuhocēlōtl warriors 

& you’re Chicanx writing about the aroma of handmade

tortillas in your abuelita’s kitchen in a pueblicita that 

your kids will never be able to pronounce

And you know you’re the next big [email protected] writer

When you write seditious things like:

Mr. President- TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!!

Race to Judgement

You know what your crime is 

I don’t have to tell you what it is

I don’t care what the law says, I know you’re guilty 

Guilty of something…

You weren’t “jogging”- what was you running away from

Guilty of something, tell me what you did-

Don’t go making this into a civil rights thing okay 

This thug ain’t no Islamic Rosa Parks, gimme a break 

Don’t go rushing to judge those two Patriots 

The LameStream Media wants to lynch them

We’re going to get those charges reduced

Once things die down a bit

They’re always trying to make big deals out of stuff like this 

I heard he was trespassing, so it may turn out to be a property rights issue 

Dispatches v1

When they violently clash over lockdown in London, Warsaw, and Europe, it’s International Communism, blended with BLM-Antifa (protesters paid by “SOROS”). When it’s good ol’ boys rally with AR-15’s in the MI capitol, they’re “good people”. Poor fellas, they don’t know whether to bug out or boogaloo.

FUN FACT: When all the employees save up $1200 and call in sick for six weeks in a row, the American Aviation Industry goes completely bankrupt. 

Real men don’t wear masks [not even in a mask-making factory].
Tough guys tweet: OBAMAGATE!!!

Poet, Christian Garduno

Christian Garduno edited the compilation Evolver and his own solo poetry collection Face, while a History undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. He is in over 30 literary magazines, including Spillwords.com and Riza Press, where his poem, “The Return”, was a Finalist in their 2019 Poetry & Art Contest.


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