Poem by Sevda Akyuz



on the pine tree outside my window
overlooking the bosphorus

one looked me in the eye
long before dawn
I could swear 

they both flew away
I was standing still

with the brisk air curling out in rings
no intricate plans for the next ten years
the past takes up too much space
the night was calculated by six butts
in an ashtray

all seems quiet in other people’s slumber
staring at rooftops

the full moon fades away



About the contributor

Sevda Akyuz
Sevda Akyuz studied English literature at Bogazici University. She taught English and Academic Writing in prestigious universities in the US and Turkey for 30 years, as well as Western Civilizations, Film &Visual Culture, History of Drama and Translation. She translated books, articles, theses, dissertations, art catalogs, movie scripts, plays, stories, poems.

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