2 Poems by Patrick Green

A Letter to You

3 A.M. in the kitchen
  Shooting chips under the white light

Hitting our heads on your door,
  A kiss missed

The smell of beer and smoke and sweat,
  The screeches and giggles and clouded sight

Kept us young, we thought
Spurred on wildly.

But through it all
I have to say
I have listened, kept separate by thin boards

From the nervous glances and stammers
Glinting in half-lit rooms of revelry 

Staring up, caressed by the globing noise of it all
Of the same

But the shine is duller;
Teeth wrapped with pink and drawn tight,
The fuss hides the quiet moments
With the strips, bottles, hushed shouts

The same
Is you, lying beside me
As the sea keeps its calms
Like a tear

A Garden on Kimberley Park Rd.

Right now –
                             With green around me and blue above,
                             concrete below and beside
                             the drone of midges
                             life mute and blurred over
there –
                   This may be the best,
these moments I see may now be
visions of life to tempt me
through the bleakness of the everyday.

If I never did anything
noble or otherwise
what would that mean
If I rested forgotten
my name

Rain Dance

A cold day; grey skies, heavy clouds.
People make their way
to and from
harbours of light
a sea of dead eyes solemnly marches in procession,
no one knew the dead; they know not why they tramp.
The coldest of days would thaw this frost, 
biting the Unreal City.

Dead eyes blink at dead eyes
dark muteness stifling the bitter cries
made palpable by the silence.

A cold day, heavy clouds
look loud.
There’s someone dancing
in the rain
they say she’s insane, then

I want to lose my mind.

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Patrick Green has just graduated from The University Of Exeter

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