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The Blue Nib #36

Issue 36 is now on sale, on site and through selected independent book shops

Blue Nib Publishing

The Blue Nib magazine awards three emerging writers publication in chapbook form on a semi-annual basis. We readers are also amply awarded with three fresh new …

When I read poetry, which is often these days, I search for that which weds my thoughts and that which reconciles me to my fundamental …

This is a phenomenal book! Three emerging poets are showcased with eight poems each. The poets each write with identifiable voices and the first presented, Derek …

No one theme or vision gets a one-sided overbalance here. Shirley Bell is a shrewd, careful editor who has given readers a wide array of …

one of the best poet’s i have ever read! her poems are magnificent! masterful! you need this book! John Thompson: Author of, moan like a saxaphone …

New Titles

The Blue Nib 36

Out on 15th December 2018. Over 200 pages of brand new poetry, essay & fiction


A first collection by Blue Nib favourite, Michael A. Grifith.
First Collection

Chapbook III

Out on 15th December 2018. Featuring the work of the winners of Chapbook Contest III, Ruth Quinlan, Bernie Crawford & Finola Scott
Available Now

Weightless in the Nets

A first collection in English by Israeli born poet Roy Liran.
First Collection