Nautical Poetry from Julian O’Dea


where the sea gives the land
a sloppy kiss
with the rising tide,
beachcombers and souvenirs,
the washed-up, the empty shell,
displaced, yellowing palms,
bowing bamboo, sagging shadecloth;
and inside,
pre-loved, unloved furniture
in a brainless clutter,
abandoned magazines
and parched paperbacks,
all teetering on the edge
of a tedium that stretches
for miles


White sails in her eyes
bandages for blinding
beauty of the cyan sky
waves to toss her fish
seagulls white and grey
clouds to cool the sun
no need to read charts
when you are happy
it is all the same.

About the contributor

Julian O'Dea is a retired government scientist. He began writing poetry a few years ago. His work has appeared in Creatrix, Ygdrasil, Friday’s Poems, The Blue Nib, and other places. He lives in Canberra.

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