Monster. Mina Moriarty



do not wake him when he is sleeping i 
         from room
                         to room on delicate scales
                                   my skin peels off
when it is not ready 
it leaves flakes of me 
on a dirty carpet
on mornings when dry Tesco pancakes & BBC news
                                                           cover the sounds of him
                                                he must be exhausted from
cannabis & switched off lamps 
                                               & switched on genes 
don’t wake the monster for fear of not being seen
when he does not see you anyway
you are the daughter 
who fills her belly with answers to questions on 
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 
as i pace the living room in my nightgown 
i wear my mother’s earrings and 
my ten year old frame bleeds 
for the first time 
through the rattle of his snores
i do not know what to do with the blood i am scared so 
i stuff clots into the ceiling it will be years before i let them
drip on me again 

Mina Moriarty attends University of Glasgow


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