Migraineur and other poems by Michele Seminara


recalled — by snapping synapses 
in brain — to inland hushed by chemical
cascade — a swaddling rain —

migraine muscles body
to live — instead of head — in bed

and consciousness to monitor the flame.

how wise the flesh to rein the mind, to
turn its outward looking
in; re-
coil thought to meditate
the dumb pathways of pain.

vehicle tempering wayfarer —
restrain. restrain. restrain.

Run Rabbit

The coiled snake
of my father’s anger 
sleeps at the base of his spine. 

It snores through play
but rises unpredictably
to transgression.

Triggered, it shoots up and out
his customarily kind mouth.

We flee in well-versed vectors —

Run, rabbit, run! 

Alas, plump and placid,
I am the slow one…

Other Mothers

I wonder if all the other mothers’ 
faces pinch too — 
Do they eye the time to sip respite?
Break out at night to stare longingly in?
Shock dumb limbs to life in bracing waters?  

I wonder if they feed on their children /
feed their children?
If their masks itch and slip 
in heat,
in cold; contain 
the urge, the surge 
of migratory flight.

If years petrify
around their sights —
the panic        
of darting eyes.

If underneath, their aims      
are warped      like wings.

About the contributor

Michele Seminara is a poet from Sydney. She has published a full length collection, Engraft, (Island Press, 2016) and two chapbooks: Scar to Scar (written with Robbie Coburn, PressPress, 2016) and HUSH (Blank Rune Press, 2017). Her second full-length collection, Suburban Fantasy, is forthcoming from UWA Publishing in 2020. Michele is Managing Editor of online journal Verity La.

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