Love Numbers

Yi-Wen Huang (DR) is from Taiwan and an Associate Professor of English and Linguistics at UNM-Gallup. She lived and attended universities in Long Island, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. Her research focuses on language and affect. Her hobbies include zumba, winter hiking, spinning, thrift shopping, edm, and traveling as a foodie and tea aficionado.

Love Numbers

We can use numbers to represent Chinese [language]
They sound similar to words
This special phenomenon happens when Chinese select their cell phone numbers
These numbers have meanings

521 – I do
520 – I love you
530 – I miss you
3456 – Missing you is useless
35925 – If you miss me, love me
51921 – I still love you
220225 – Love you, love me
246437 – Love is very magical
5201314 – I love you forever
5205240 – I love you, I love you to death
0594184 – You and I will be together for more than one life time
521010000 – I love you for ten thousand years

Van Gogh

Van Gogh portrayed the lives of peasants in his painting
The Potato Eaters
Later an orientalist
he painted two fishing boats through Japanese eyes
He also wrote Japanese characters in one of his paintings

His friend who stayed with him at the time, Gauguin, portrayed him painting the sunflowers before Van Gogh himself painted the famous sunflowers
Van Gogh painted several self-portraits
using Tiffany Blue
even though no one was willing to let him paint them
Van Gogh selfies
an Enthusiastic, Electrified self-taught artist
Van Gogh even painted on a tea towel in an asylum


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