Lesley Burt, Poet.

Cape Cod moment

Her gaze out of a bay window

while she clutches table edges

with such apparent intensity

(shutters flung open to meadow,

sunshine’s sidelong angle sharp

on woodland, fingers of cloud,

and the weatherboards it stripes

with shadow though is not yet able

to stretch morning light into her room)

might depict pleasure in the scene;

or desire to escape her capture

within this frame.

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) 1950,
Jackson Pollock   

Without metaphor

there’s no seeing,

without names

there’s no colour,

texture, technique,

no dialogue

between myself

and canvas.

Look. No feeling

without words.

About the contributor

Lesley Burt has been writing poetry for twenty years. Following retirement from social work education, she completed an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Previous publication includes poems in: Tears in the Fence, The Interpreter’s House, Prole, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Reach, Sarasvati and The Butchers Dog;

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