Just a Few Poems – Daniel Senser


Read me but a few poems tonight, my love,
For my longing is scarce in its capacity.
Too much I’ve seen, too much I’ve heard,
Best that I’m reminded of life’s simplicity
By listening to the song of the little bird
Than seek solace in the intricate windings
Of the writer’s written word,
Where ideas and emotions swell.
And though it truly is music to my ears,
Sometimes it recalls my deepest fears,
Like Death hammering a notice upon my door,
These poems of dead men ringing 
From across the years.
Yes, just a few poems will do
Enough to remind me what my enlarged heart
Can endure. Anymore will break my heart
And leave me weeping upon the floor.

Daniel Senser

Daniel Senser has had works published in The Blue Nib, Festival Review, and Adelaide, among other journals. His forthcoming collection of poetry, “Another Missed Connection”, published by Adelaide Books, is due for release in January, 2020. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

About the contributor

I am thirty three years old and have had works appear in Blue Nib, Festival Review, and Adelaide, among other journals. My forthcoming collection of poetry, "Another Missed Connection", published by Adelaide Books, is due for release in January, 2020. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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